Aeroplane component manufacturer


The movement and storage of work tools at the plant.


The tools required for the production of the parts that will form a part of the fuselage of an aeroplane are heavy and large, hindering their movement

ASTI Solution
For the optimisation of internal logistics at this aeronautical company, different elements were installed. For the storage of tools, an automatic warehouse capable of storing large, heavy pieces was designed. Thanks to storage at a height, the available volume of the warehouse is maximised. Said warehouse has a warehouse management system, which provides traceability to the material contained within it, facilitating its extraction when necessary and maintaining traceability when placed within it. Consequently, the storage space is optimised even though the contents to be stored are large and heavy. The top of the warehouse is linked with two transfer carriages to facilitate the transportation of tools to the work station. Once the part is prepared, the automatic guided vehicle (AGV) transports it to the autoclave where it will be subjected to a curing process. Given the characteristics of the material to be transported, the AGV’s capacity for performing omni-directional movements enables it to reduce the space necessary for manoeuvres. To ensure the perfect handling of the load, this vehicle has a combination of three guidance systems: edge guidance, magnetic guidance, and laser guidance.