Simulation of productive environments for interlogistics applications

Currently, during the project bidding phase, it is difficult to imagine the result of the logistic system automation when it has only been operating manually. In fact, one of the daily battles faced by the business team is to achieve during the bidding phase, that the customer or end user of the system, understand and visualize the behavior of the AGVs at their facility. It is vital to resolve the doubts and mistrust that the automatic solutions create in non-technical personnel, in order to achieve a massive deployment of autonomous robotic systems in the industrial fabric. In this sense, simulation and virtual reality technologies are positioned as a key tool in projects in the supply phase, to improve the perception of autonomous robotic systems and accelerate the process of industrial transformation. In fact, they are recognized as one of the essential enabling technologies of Industry 4.0.

In this project, the viability of using simulation techniques and creation of virtual environments in the development of intralogistics applications will be analyzed. For which, a market study of the different simulation tools will be carried out, one or two development tools will be selected and applied in a representative set of real projects.