Company in the pharmaceutical sector


Foster a suitable environment for the efficient preparation of orders


The preparation of orders in areas of controlled temperature is highly complicated due to difficult working conditions, resulting in a high number of errors

ASTI Solution
In a pharmaceutical plant, the area designated for vaccine storage is subject to rigorous temperature control. To maximise storage capacity and to simplify the order preparation process, a mini-load was installed, facilitating order preparation given that work productivity in areas of low temperature decreases as a consequence of stress due to the cold. Outside of the controlled temperature area, the head of the warehouse was installed along with the multi-picking station to improve the picker’s ergonomics and consequently increase productivity and reduce the number of errors. When a code is read, the system extracts the box that contains the material to be included in the order. When the indicated units are removed, the weight control system checks if the number of units extracted is correct via the calculation of the difference in weight. Thanks to the installation of the multi-picking station, the simultaneous preparation of several orders is possible. This station has pick-to-light displays that detail the location and quantity of material to be included. As an additional safety measure, presence photocells have been added to ensure that the material has been included in the correct place. To supervise the functioning of the system, a video surveillance system has been installed to offer images of what is happening inside the warehouse. This system is clearly focused on increasing the productivity of order preparation tasks through the use of a mini-load and a multi-picking station with a pick-to-light system. The improvement in ergonomics for operators along with the tools and safety measures installed contribute to the optimisation of order preparation tasks.