Battery manufacturing company


Automation of logistics movements via the use of AGVs


The movement of batteries throughout production processes can be a task with a low level of ergonomics.

ASTI Solution
At this battery production plant, it was decided that internal transport, which develops around the production of batteries via the use of a system of retractable automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), would be carried out. Additionally, an automatic battery exchange system was installed so that when an AGV detects that its batteries are below the minimum charge threshold, it heads to the station, positioning itself by a free battery location where the used battery will be removed. At this point, the auxiliary batteries that supply the necessary energy to move to the next location, where a fully charged battery that will replace the used battery will be waiting, are activated. The system host communicates with the production line such that when a pallet load is complete, it assigns the most appropriate AGV to the task of collecting the prepared load and transporting it to the warehouse. Likewise, it communicates with the doors along the way so they open automatically to avoid the AGV having to stop, therefore increasing the productivity of the system.