Dry pasta product manufacturing company


Automation of movement between production, baling and storage


A system of AGVs was installed at a newly constructed plant to automate movement

ASTI Solution
At this dry pasta production plant, a system of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) was installed for the transportation of the palletised product to the baling area and from this point to the warehouse. This is in addition to the supply of the necessary auxiliary materials, including empty pallets and cardboard. Along the route the AGVs follow, they must pass through doors that open and close automatically, avoiding unnecessary stoppages and maximising the productivity of the vehicles. The warehouse management system (WMS) provides the product with traceability from production to shipping. Thanks to the system of radiofrequency terminals, one can interact with the management system, requesting auxiliary material, registering the entry or departure of material... There are numerous options. This solution automates movement between the palletisation and baling areas thanks to the counterbalance AGVs. This automation is completed with the use of radiofrequency terminals to communicate with the system host, which will receive the different requests and assign them to varying vehicles, always seeking to optimise activity. Thanks to the WMS the system has, the product has full traceability, from production to shipping.