Electrical appliance manufacturing company


Match two work flows through automatic intermediate storage


Two consecutive processes have different execution times resulting in the accumulation of material waiting to begin the second process

ASTI Solution
At an electrical appliance manufacturing plant an automatic warehouse was installed for the intermediate storage of dishwasher interiors. Thanks to this system, the production of the interiors (2 shifts) is matched with the production of dishwashers (3 shifts), storing the necessary interiors at a height to supply the third work shift at the necessary rhythm to avoid any stoppages in production. The system is comprised of a series of shelves on both sides of a central walkway along which automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) move. These AGVs are responsible for stacking the interiors at heights on the left or right. Within these shelves different locations have been set. Thanks to the warehouse management system, all movements in the warehouse are recorded, including material entry and departure. It is the perfect solution for the automatic storage of materials with high rotation.