Verónica Pascual Boé, the CEO of ASTI TechGroup, received the Admira 2018 Award in Memory of Andrés Mira Domènech, from the hands of Virginia López, the managing director de Cruises News Media Group, during the sixth annual presentation of this award in as many years. This award is granted by a group of communication professionals in the field of logistics and transportation.



This award of professional recognition began six years ago as a permanent legacy in memory of Andrés Mira, a journalist and the director of the Logistical Operators and Cruises News Magazine, who passed away in 2012. In his memory, a group of professionals in the field of Logistics and Transport, grant this award every year, in order to recognize the values of the recipient, which include performance, entrepreneurship, professional achievements, history in the logistical sector, relations with communications media, and the entire set of professional and personal values of the winner.


Communications media in the field reported on the award as follows:


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