The prestigious British magazine The Economist is presenting ASTI TechGroup and its mobile robotics engineering, ASTI Mobile Robotics, as an example of the transformation of the Spanish economy in its report ‘Making it in Burgos and Sevilla. Spain’s economy is changing’. In the article, the publication makes reference to high-tech companies in Spain with global ambitions.
The Economist “uses” ASTI’s success story as the central focus of the article in which it shows with optimism a change produced in the Spanish business world. ASTI is “everything that Spanish companies are traditionally not”, points out the English magazine and stresses that it is “a high-tech company with a significant commitment to R&D&i and a global ambition, which is growing quickly with a woman at the helm”. The mobile robotics engineering company led by Verónica Pascual Boé exports more than 70 percent of its volume of business, to customers in 16 countries around the world, including a few like Fiat, Airbus and Nestlé.
Companies like ASTI have sprung up all over the country, led by a new generation of entrepreneurs, many of them educated abroad and with a more international mentality than that of their parents, notes The Economist. In addition to references to Verónica Pascual and her company, the publication names Íñigo Angulo-Burture and David Troya.