ASTI Technologies Distribution launches website ( with a design and a complete image, intuitive and accessible to all those interested in knowing the characteristics and benefits of the RA-660 NAVI cleaning robot. The perfect autonomous machine for all applications where cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance, easy to use and an affordable economic benefit that grows as the years pass. Since no surface goes without scrubbing, thanks to its internal tracking and its SLAM contour-based guided navigation system, excellent cleaning results are achieved since it can navigate obstacles with ease.

In the new website, contributions by ASTI Technologies Distribution are revealed, such as activating the autonomous cleaning robot and providing the necessary training, S.A.T. (face-to-face and by phone), equipment rental and sales of spare parts, consulting to improve productivity, development of specific adaptations and turnkey solutions.

ASTI Technologies Distribution, moving reality, ( is a company that is dedicated to the supply and sourcing of technology associated with computing and mobile robotics. Its mission is the pursuit of the technology of the future and its existing attraction to improve customer competitiveness, efficiency and productivity.