The IInd ASTI Robotics Challenge has become a standard among Spain’s robotics competitions, with the attendance of approximately 2000 people at the Museo de la Evolución Humana. “The balance of this second edition cannot be more positive”, stresses the director of ASTI Talent&Tech Foundation, Roberto Ranz. The test was organized by the ASTI TechGroup foundation, in collaboration with the MEHASTI Mobile Robotics and the Obra Social La Caixa.

Ranz underscores that, in addition to the increase in the number of visitors to the IInd ASTI Robotics Challenge, “the number of participating teams has increased exponentially; the number of partners and collaborators has multiplied seven-fold; the presence of women at the test has doubled; and the profile of the jury members has broadened, due to the participation of first-level national and international professionals from the field of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. Therefore, ASTI Talent & Tech Foundation is already thinking of a third edition, where the challenges will be “to increase the mentoring of the teams and the training of the teaching staff, to broaden the dissemination of the challenge to all the ministries of Education and to get the participation of an international team” .

As the CEO of  ASTI TechGroup and Chairwoman of ASTI Talent&Tech FoundationVerónica Pascual, noted, the objective of this program is to “develop STEM talent and empower a new generation of collaborative mobile robotics leaders”. In brief, “developing technological vocations”. The CEO said that “the economy is growing in one direction, marked by new technologies and the digital domain and we have to do everything possible for our young people to develop their digital talent,” he noted.

The participants built a mobile robot, communicated their projects in social networks and competed last Saturday in a final tournament in which they tried to overcome different tests prepared by the ASTI Mobile Robotics R & D & I team. Additionally, the presented projects to the jury. “They are very interesting projects that demonstrate great human and technological talent”, stated Pascual.

A total of 45 finalist teams composed of about 300 participants and companions from Castilla y León, Madrid, Galicia and Cantabria competed in two categories for seven hours to demonstrate their skills in the field of robotics overcoming the 12 tests designed by the ASTI Mobile Robotics R+D+i team. On the one hand, 37 teams of 4th of Secondary, Secondary and Middle Level Training Cycles and, on the other, 8 teams of Spanish universities, Higher Level Training Cycles and Makers.

The winners in the first category were: Awarded to the Best Educational Center: ÍES Arquitecto Ventura, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid); Awarded to the Best Project Management: Fantoche (ÍES Comuneros de Castilla Burgos); Awarded to the Best Robot in the Sumo GMV Test: Elixir Team (ÍES Arquitecto Ventura, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid) and Award to the Best Tournament Performance: Comutronix (ÍES Comuneros de Castilla Burgos).

In second place, Awarded to the Best Educational Center: Centro de Enseñanza Gregorio Fernández (Valladolid); Awarded to the Best Project Management: Cyberboys (Escuela Politécnica Superior de UBU;) Awarded to the Best Robot in the Sumo GMV Test: Ría de Ribadeo Robótica (Universidad de Coruña); Award to the Best Tournament Performance: The Martians (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).

The jury was composed of leading professionals in the innovation, technology and  entrepreneurship, among whom are notable Verónica Pascual (CEO of ASTI TechGroup), María González (Managing Director Products Iberia at Accenture), Sara Gómez (Women and Engineering Director), Mariella Graziano (Executive Director of Aerospace Systems and GM Robotics), Luis Ignacio Vicente (Return on Innovation Manager & Director of Telefonica Patent Office), Eduardo Montes (Senior Vice President of Siemens), Manuel Bermejo (Co-founding Member The Family Advisory Board), Angel Bombín (Data Analytics Manager Sonae Arauco), Pablo Oliete (Founder of FOM), Antonio Fernández (CEO of Asti Consulting Services), Antonio Blasco (General Manager of Asti Mobile Robotics),  Emma Fernández (Member of the Management Board of ASTI TechGroup), Jose Luis Casal (Cofounder of Talk2us) and Roberto Ranz (Director of ASTI Talent & Tech Foudnation”.

In addition to the official competition, the “robotsumo” league was developed for students with high capacities in collaboration with the Obra Social La Caixa and the Association “Multiple Intelligences High Capacities of Castilla y León” (IMACCYL) in which 12 integrated teams participated 40 primary and secondary students.

In this second edition, 20 companies will collaborate as sponsors, the GMV technology multinational acting as the “Platinum” partner, demonstrating its commitment and responsibility with the education and development of talents in the science and technology field. GestampIFMAccentureRS Componentes and Sinterpack participate as “Gold” partners.