After the third edition of the ASTI Academy program aimed at Vocational Training students, ASTI TechGroup has hired 70 percent of the students (12 from a total of 17) that have participated in it. The company located in Madrigalejo del Monte has dedicated a total of 9,820 hours to “in company” training of these 17 students through 7 tutors who have mentored their training in various departments of the company.

The students come from the following schools: Juan de Colina, Simón de Colonia, Pader Aramburu, Jesuitas, San José Artesano and Santa Catalina – in Aranda de Duero. In three editions of this program, ASTI TechGroup has trained 100 students in its facilities in Higher Degrees of Vocational Training in Burgos centres. After their initial training, the best students have the opportunity to develop their professional career at the company that is a European leader in mobile robotics.

The training program covers a total of 26 months that are divided into four phases: the first two months; two phases of six months and a fourth phase of 12 months, in which students acquire new knowledge under the tutelage and mentoring of the ASTI technical team.

The students’ choice of each edition of the program is carried out through a personal interview and a self-reporting questionnaire aimed at evaluating the main key competences. 


With a view to the fourth edition, the ASTI Academy program will enhance the Dual Vocational Training method and reinforce the training of mobile robotics in educational centres through the transfer of automatic guided vehicles to the centres themselves in order that students and teachers learn first hand this enabling technology of the industry 4.0. Likewise, it will collaborate with the VT centres in teacher training.

Talent 4.0

Burgos engineering is aware that the great strategic challenge of the industry 4.0 is not only technology, but also people and the management of their talent. So ASTI launched ‘Talent 4.0’, a pioneering project in Spain and Europe for talent management to stimulate, attract and develop the enabling talent of the Industry 4.0 in a comprehensive manner. Within this framework, several programs were launched to stimulate STEM vocations (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and mobile robotics at all educational stages, attract the best international talent, accelerate startups and develop the ‘soft’ competences of the people who are part of ASTI in order to create exceptional high performance teams.

Within the ‘Talent 4.0’ program we find ASTI Academy where, following the success of German education and enterprise, VT studies of excellence for young people are combined with complementary ‘in company’ training in the competencies required by the Industry 4.0 and that offers students the opportunity to develop their professional career at ASTI.