The participants are already working in various fields of mobile robotics engineering: from Strategic Business Development to Hardware and Software right through to Post-Sales Service

ASTI TechGroup received more than 70 résumés from 10 national universities to enrol in this Talent 4.0 programme

Six newly certified engineers joined ASTI Mobile Robotics as part of the ASTI College programme, one of the focuses of Talent 4.0 ( Burgos engineering, dedicated to the study, design, manufacturing, launch and maintenance of automated logistics solutions for the optimisation of domestic transport, by means of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), put the call out to the best engineering students throughout Spain with training in Mechanical and/or Electrical Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Automation and Industrial Control Engineering, and Industrial Organisation Engineering, to forward their résumé.

asti talento 4.0

The Human Resources team of ASTI TechGroup got in touch with 10 national universities and, as a result, received more than 70 résumés. After carrying out personal interviews along with an intelligence test and an aptitude test with 26 enrolees, six newly certified engineers from the Universities of Burgos, León and Valladolid ultimately joined ASTI Mobile Robotics. Going forward, those who were chosen will have the opportunity to develop their professional career at the Company, receiving ‘in company’ training that is first class technically as well as in aptitude and languages in an international and dynamic environment. The ASTI Mobile Robotics Departments bolstered by these additions are Strategic Business Development, Hardware, Software and Post-Sales Service.

Burgos engineering is aware of the fact that the major strategic challenge of Industry 4.0 is not only technology, but also people and the management of its talent. This is why ASTI TechGroup launched the Talent 4.0 programme, a pioneering talent management project in Spain and Europe to comprehensively stimulate, attract and develop enabling talent for Industry 4.0. In the case of ASTI College, the goal is to collaborate with universities and technology centres that are leaders in innovation in order to develop projects and attract national and international talent. For this reason, thanks to this programme, eight MIT students collaborated with ASTI Mobile Robotics in a variety of projects along with four INSEAD students. Also, in July 2017, 16 newly certified engineers joined the company.