Today, the Museum of Human Evolution hosted the presentation of the third edition in Burgos of the Stem Talent Girl project whose objective is to inspire, educate and empower the next generation of female leaders in science and technology. Stem Talent Girl has become the benchmark project in Spain for the promotion of STEM talent in girls with nine sites for this course, 6 in Castilla y León thanks to collaboration between the ASTI Foundation and the Board of Castilla y Léon, and the added presence in three other autonomous communities (Madrid, Asturias and Cantabria).

In Burgos, it is carrying out its third edition and is being strengthened thanks to the collaboration of the Board of Castilla y León, the Museum of Human Evolution (MEH), ASTI Mobile Robotics and L’Oréal as strategic partners, and the incorporation of GSK as a ‘gold’ partner, PepsiCo and Sinterpack as ‘silver’ partners, and Veka and Adisseo as “bronze” partners.

The presentation ceremony benefitted from the participation of Aurora Martín, General Coordinator of the MEH, Baudilio Fernández-Mardomingo, Territorial Delegate of the Board of Castilla y León, Roberto Ranz, Director of the ASTI Foundation and the STEM Talent Girl project together with Benoît Mocquant, Director of the L’Oréal plant in Burgos, María Casado, Director of Safety, Health and the Environment of GSK Aranda, and María Orive, Head of Communication at ASTI Mobile Robotics.

In this course, there are more than 1,200 students registered throughout Spain in a project that has been selected by the European Commission as finalist of the “European Digital Skills Awards” whose submission will take place on December in Vienna.

With the aim of bringing science and technology closer to the female public by female science and technology experts, the Stem Talent Girl project in Burgos will offer this eight session ‘masterclass’ course taught by women with international standing in STEM fields. These conferences will be open to the public and will be held monthly at 12:00 pm in the Actos Room of the Museum of Human Evolution.

The course’s first masterclass will be taught this Saturday November 24 by Rocío Hervella (CEO of Prosol). This will be followed by seven more led by Concepción Monje (global expert in robotics), Lorena Gil (Digital Transformation Manager at ASTI Mobile Robotics), Gloria Oliver (Managing Director of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation), Marika Mazzi (Cofounder of X23 in Italy), Carmen García (Director of Cognitive Solutions at IBM), María José Talavera (Managing Director of VMware Iberia) and Carme Artigas (CEO of Synergic Partners)

Together with this ‘masterclass’ offering open to the general public, with regard to the 2018/2019 course, the Stem Talent Girl project will deploy in Burgos the third edition of the ‘Science for Her’ programme and the second edition of the ‘Mentor Women´ programme.