Within the framework of activities that ASTI TechGroup performs for Occupational Health and Safety Week, the pilot from Burgos Cristina Gutiérrez visited the company facilities at Madrigalejo del Monte (Burgos) in order to give a chat on Road Safety and explain some experiences with her car at the Rally Dakar.

The first Spanish woman to finish this motor test became acquainted with the ASTI Mobile Robotics factory and the applications of AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) that are currently being designed and manufactured.

Then, in the ‘Agora’ space and before company collaborators, Gutiérrez explained her experiences at theRally Dakar, as well as giving some useful highway safety advice.

Finally, the director of ASTI Mobile Robotics, Antonio Blasco, and Cristina Gutiérrez presented the award to the winner of the internal contest for choosing the ASTI security slogan. The pilot, in turn, gave the director of mobile robotics engineering a replica of the medal obtained in Dakar, as one of the sponsors.