The CEO of the company, Verónica Pascual, and the dean of the academic institution, Alberto Gómez Barahona, have signed a specific agreement for the development of the doctorate programme

PhD students at Isabel I University will be able to spend a term at the ASTI TechGroup facilities


The CEO of ASTI TechGroup, Verónica Pascual Boé, and the dean of Isabel I University, Alberto Gómez Barahona, signed  a specific agreement today for the development of the doctorate programme that aims to train researchers in educational innovation, digital technology applied to society and health, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation and legal, economic and business issues related to ICTs.

Doctorate theses may be developed jointly within Isabel I University and ASTI TechGroup, which may be co-directed by a doctor from the academic institution and the technology company, who will jointly define the Doctorate Thesis project with the PhD candidates. In addition, the programme’s PhD candidates may carry out research terms at ASTI TechGroup and the two entities will be able to develop very specific joint training activities that are focused on theoretical or practical workshop or seminar training sessions.

The agreement signed today between the two Burgos organisations, as part of a visit to the ASTI facilities, will have a renewable term of six years and a Monitoring Committee that will evaluate the results and publish a report in duplicate at the end of each year.

Firma del Convenio

The agreement forms part of one of the cooperative approaches between the two institutions in the framework agreement signed a year ago with regard to training, consulting, research and transfer of knowledge.

ASTI TechGroup – that has as one of its strategic approaches the development of Talent 4.0 – and the academic institution have been collaboration for months alongside ASTI Talent Tech Foundation. Some of the activities in internal leadership training and young talent promotion at ASTI are being carried out at the university’s facilities, like the STEAM Talent Kids programme for the stimulation of talent at an early age.

ASTI TechGroup is a group of companies that are all linked to technology and digital transformation. At the present time, it consists of five axes that span the development of talent at its earliest stage to the development and implementation of mobile robotics. The international talent at ASTI TechGroup, predominantly technical profiles, consists of 225 individuals from 9 different nationalities and cultures that have one thing in common: the motivation to develop strong teamwork through energy and customer service, within an atmosphere of respect and humility that makes it possible to accomplish the mission of enhancing the competitiveness of its customers.

Last September, Isabel I University began its sixth academic year with more than five thousand students, from all Spanish autonomous regions and more than 20 countries, with official bachelor’s or master’s degrees and another roughly two thousand with proper post-graduate degrees, languages and MOOC courses. University staff currently exceeds 300 individuals.