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Mobile robotics engineering will reveal, for the first time, its latest development: the ‘eBot 500’.

ASTI will participate in Logistics (Madrid), Salon industries du Futur (Mulhouse, France) and All4Pack (Paris, France) throughout the month of November


ASTI Mobile Robotics will participate throughout the month of November in three international fairs, Logistics (November 12 and 13 -Madrid, Spain-); BE 4.0: Salon Industries du Futur (November 20 and 21 -Mulhouse, France-); and All4Pack (from November 26 to 29 -Paris, France-), where it will display three new autonomous logistics solutions that it has developed this past year and that enhance its range of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).

ASTI Mobile Robotics will reveal, for the first time, its latest development: the ‘eBot 500’. A mobile robotics engineering release with multiple applications in the various industrial sectors in warehouse management and order-picking. Maximum agility, flexibility and safety with this new solution that multiplies customer efficiency, by improving the management and classification of merchandise, while simultaneously facilitating the work of human personnel.

In addition, ASTI Mobile Robotics will present its new range of autonomous tractors, called ‘Tribot’, that automates the shipping and management of up to 10 tonnes of merchandise. Sturdy, with minimal dimensions, versatile, safe and flexible, these AGVs are equipped to move trailers inside and outside.

In addition, mobile robotics engineering will present its new counterbalanced AGV: an automated handling solution for heavy loads at heights. Agile, precise, safe and efficient in confined spaces. Best in class turning radius and excellent manoeuvrability, developed for ground, linear, conventional rack and drive in loading and unloading, as well as stacking and unstacking loads.

ASTI Mobile Robotics is an expert in processes, industrial connectivity and customer support. With in-depth knowledge about the market, a strong commitment to research and innovation, mobile robotics engineering is developing solutions that cover the whole value chain and that adapt to the logistics needs of Industry 4.0. A team of professionals will be on hand for visitors at the international fairs to resolve concerns and questions and to assist with logistical optimisation and flexibility needs.