.- The ASTI College program offers “in company” technical training, “soft” competences and languages development, as well as a professional experience in an international and dynamic environment.

.- The mobile robotics engineering looks for profiles with high competences at a proactivity level, resilience, orientation to results and client, languages, as well as an analytical and synthesis capability.

Burgos, 23 May 2019.- ASTI Mobile Robotics will incorporate twelve graduates in Engineering all over the country through the ASTI College program (www.asticollege.com), a forefront program for the attraction of the best university talent, and takes part in the 4.0 Talent platform. This engineering, located in Burgos and dedicated to the study, design, manufacturing, implementation and maintenance of automatic logistics solutions for the optimization of the internal transport through automated guided vehicles (AGVs), will select the best engineering students all over Spain.

Thanks to this program, the best students in engineering all over Europe, will have the opportunity to develop their professional career in the international company, leader in mobile robotics in Europe, by receiving “in company” technical, competence and language training at the first level in an international and dynamic environment.

ASTI looks for engineering profiles in any of its specialities with, at least, two languages and with high competences at a proactivity level, orientation to results and client, as well as an analytical and synthesis capability. The interested students can send their applications to seleccion@asti.es, or through its web page www.asti.es until next 20 June, writing ‘ASTI College 2019 Project’ as subject and indicating the motivations of the incorporation to the project. The selection process will be held from 24 to 28 June, to join the company in July.

With this third edition, ASTI consolidates the results of the two previous ones, where more than a hundred of engineers of all over Europe participated in the process of selection, resulting the integration to the team of 11 (2017) and 6 (2018) engineers, from whom more than the 80 per cent  still continue their professional development in ASTI with professional careers.

Jaime Hernández participated in the first ASTI College edition. “The experience, after these almost two years, has been very satisfactory and rewarding. The responsibility that I have acquired from the beginning has been the key in this acquired learning, since I have felt involved in key projects for the company with stays abroad, which a

accelerate this project even more,” explains from his post in the PMD (Project Management Department). “The work environment and the welcome by the colleagues from the beginning have been great, making me feel as a part of the team very quickly and helping me in those aspects in which, as it is logical, I still have a lot to learn,” emphasizes.

“This is a great opportunity to go into the labour market”, explains Andrés Arranz, who works in the Engineering Commercial Department for almost a year. “The experience of the most veterans, added to the energy of the youths, creates an atmosphere in which working as a team is very pleasant”. In the same sense, his colleague Marta Alonso highlights that “ it is a privilege  to have had the opportunity of participating in this program aside a technologically cutting-edge  company as ASTI”, and she adds that “over these two years, I have acquired the knowledge relative to my post, as well as transversal competences of all the departments in the company. This has been possible thanks to the work as a team of all the staff”.

The international engineering, with its headquarter in Burgos, is conscious of the fact that the great strategic challenge of 4.0 industry is not only the technology, but also the people and their talent management. Consequently, ASTI launched “4.0 Talent”, a pioneer project in Spain and Europe of talent management to stimulate, attract and develop in a whole way the enabling talent of 4.0 Industry. Within this frame, several programs have been started up that try both to stimulate in all the educative stages the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) vocations and the mobile robotics, as well as to attract international talent, accelerate ‘startups’ and develop the ‘soft’ competences of the people that are a part of ASTI with the goal of creating exceptional teams of high performance.