More than 50 students have participated in this Talent 4.0 programme that has a recruitment rate of close to 80 percent.
The students selected will receive training in electromechanics, mobile robotics, languages and ‘soft’ competencies.


ASTI Mobile Robotics is launching the IV edition of ASTI Academy, the Talent 4.0 talent and attraction programme of the Burgos company that is a European leader in mobile robotics aimed specifically at Vocational Training students. On this occasion, mobile robotics engineering is looking to recruit 16 Upper Level FP students from four Burgos centres, capital and province – Simón de Colonia, Juan de Colonia, Jesuitas and San José Artesano-, so that they can perform 380 hours of training within the Burgos engineering facilities, dedicated to the study, design, manufacturing, implementation and maintenance of automated logistics solutions for the optimisation of internal transport, by means of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). From there, thanks to the programme, the best students will have the opportunity to develop their professional career at the company.

In particular, ASTI Mobile Robotics insists on Upper Level FP profiles like Industrial Mechatronics, Automation and Robotics, Electrotechnical and Automated Systems, Multiplatform Application Development, Telecommunications and IT Systems, Web IT Systems Administration, Tooling, Transport and Logistics Production, Occupational Risk Prevention and Administration and Finances.  In company training will allow students to develop their competencies in areas like electromechanics, mobile robotics, languages and ‘soft’ skills like teamwork.

The students of Upper Level Training Cycles interested in participating in the selection process for access to the ASTI Academy program can send their currículum vitae to the email address mentioning in the subject line “Oportunidad ASTI Academy 2019” until February 1, 2019. The choice of students will be made through a personal interview and a key professional competencies test like teamwork, orientation to results and proactivity.

Once the students are selected, the ASTI Academy training programme is extended over the course of a total of 26 months that are divided into four stages: the first one lasting two months; two six month stages and a fourth stage lasting 12 months, in which the students acquire new knowledge and technical competencies under the supervision of the employees of ASTI Mobile Robotics who act as mentors.

Over the course of the previous three editions, 55 students have participated in the programme, with an recruitment rate of close to 80 percent. This reflects the employability and personal and professional development opportunity that this programme entails for the students that participate in it.

Talent 4.0

Burgos engineering is aware of the fact that the major strategic challenge of Industry 4.0 is not only technology, but also people and the management of their talent. Consequently ASTI TechGroup, a group of companies linked to technology and digital transformation, launched ‘Talent 4.0’, a pioneering talent management project in Spain and in Europe to comprehensively stimulate, attract and develop enabling Industry 4.0 talent. Within this framework, various programs were implemented with the intention of stimulating STEM vocations throughout all educational stages (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and mobile robotics, like attracting the best international talent, accelerating ‘startups’ and developing ‘soft’ competencies among the individuals who make up the company with the purpose of creating exceptional high performance teams.

ASTI Academy forms part of the ‘Talent 4.0’ programme, a programme in which, following the educational success story and the Germany company, first rate FP studies are combined with complementary “in company” training in the competencies required by Industry 4.0 and that offers students the opportunity to develop their professional career at ASTI.