Twelve newly qualified graduated have joined ASTI Mobile Robotics in the ASTI College 19 program, one of the axes of the Talent 4.0 program ( The engineering based in Burgos, dedicated to the study, design, manufacture, start-up and maintenance of automatic logistics solutions for the optimisation of internal transport by means of automatic guidance vehicles (AGVs), called on the best engineering students with a passion for robotics from all over Spain to send in their CVs and participate proactively in the selection process.

ASTI’s talent development team contacted multiple universities through Spain and received 115 applications, in less than a month, from 18 cities and five different polytechnic schools. After a technical test, personal interviews in different languages, an intelligence test and competency tests to 62 selected candidates, finally, ASTI Mobile Robotics has incorporated the twelve engineers who best adapt to the culture, values and needs of robotic engineering.

The chosen engineers will have, from now on, the opportunity and the challenge to develop their professional career in the leading European company in mobile robotics, receiving ‘in company’ training of first technical level, competence and languages in an international and dynamic environment. With the third edition of ASTI College 19, ASTI Mobile Robotics reinforces and generates quarry within the teams of Strategic Business Development, Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering and Innovation and Development of new technology.

The engineering based in Burgos is aware that the great strategic challenge of Industry 4.0 is not only technology, but also people and their talent management. That is why ASTI launched the Talent 4.0 program, a pioneering talent management project in Spain and Europe to stimulate, attract and develop in an integral way the enabling talent of Industry 4.0.

In the case of ASTI College, the objective is to collaborate with universities and technological centres leaders in innovation to develop projects and attract national and international talent. Thanks to this program, eight MIT students have collaborated with ASTI Mobile Robotics in different projects, as well as four INSEAD students. In addition, in July 2017, 16 newly qualified engineers joined the company -after 32 interviews- and, in 2018, another six, which was the result of interviewing 26 candidates.