ASTI Mobile Robotics will spearhead a new university degree in Industry 4.0 and Mobil Robotics at the universities of Burgos, Valladolid and León to train experts in the fourth industrial revolution, with the objective of creating present and future talent. It will rely on the participation of professors from the three centres and will be taught mainly in the company’s facilities and the Burgos academic institution.

The CEO of ASTI TechGroup, Verónica Pascual, stated to be “tremendously proud”, because “we are building a future, we know that the new economic era that we are headed toward depends fundamentally on three factors: technology, talent and collaboration and the three are reflected here”. Pascual also emphasised “that the world is changing at a high rate” and that it is the “responsibility” of the companies and the universities “to generate these collaborative ecosystems” and underscored that “the new economy depends on talent, technology and collaboration”.

For his part, the dean of the University of Burgos, Manuel Pérez Mateos, stressed the fact that the institution is looking to “offer new degrees that are better suited to the profiles required in the fourth industrial revolution”. In addition, he qualified that “the university must collaborate with the company”.

“From our experience – ASTI Mobile Robotics is a European leader in the manufacturing of AGV-, Mobile Robotics as part of the Industry 4.0 is bringing about a very important change in the industrial strategy of the world’s major companies, not only in our country, and that we can have a source of this transformation in Castilla and León is fantastic. And the more talent that we create, the more of a benchmark we will be”, pointed out Verónica Pascual.