A team of associates from ASTI TechGroup accompanied Cristina Gutiérrez to the Baja Aragón that was held last weekend. “Once we boarded the train’, as Cristina’s manager told us at the meeting place, the adventure began,” says Rubén Bárcena, who emphasises the “closeness and unbeatable service by the team” belonging to the Burgos pilot.

After winning an internal contest related to the company’s values, the winners and their partners were able to enjoy the Teruel event. “We performed our own rally, following Cristina’s lead at all times”, explains Jorge de Andrés. “I went with her parents and I felt like I was part of the team, helping in every way we could when they had problems and they were stranded – Cristina and her co-pilot, Monica Plaza – and we had to locate them,” she says. “We experienced the stress and emotion of searching for them,” says Rubén Bárcena.

In general, “the weekend was incredible”, points out Víctor Martín, “seeing how the cars made impossible turns and went through sections of curves at full speed”. “Cristina, Mónica, her manager and her family treated us kindly at all times”. “For me, spectacular”, points out Jorge de Andrés, who describes the trust generated with the Burgos team as “amazing”. “I would recommend it one hundred percent,” he notes, “but you have to like the adrenaline and the world of motor racing, as well as being under pressure.”

“I believe that it’s a huge opportunity to see how great we really are at ASTI and it’s like another contribution by the company to its employees”, says Rubén Bárcena. “Things like this make ASTI a more attractive, dedicated and interesting company where one is proud to work here,” he says. “It was a fantastic time of teambuilding”, adds Víctor Martín.

Talent, effort, teamwork, energy and vitality, as well as respect and humility, are the values emphasised by Cristina Gutiérrez that are closely linked with ASTI TechGroup.