ASTI, mobile robotics engineering, has designed an autonomous vehicle with a large loading capacity in relation to the height it can reach

The new AGV is developed for ground, linear, conventional rack and drive in rack loading and unloading, as well as for stacking and unstacking loads


ASTI Mobile Robotics, transforming the future together, has developed an autonomous counterbalanced vehicle (AGV) with great performance in loading management, with a capacity of up to 2 tonnes that can reach a height of six metres. A mobile robot characterised by its agility, precision, safety, sturdiness and efficiency that adapts perfectly to processes. Designed and manufactured to be an autonomous vehicle, without human intervention. It is specifically developed for ground, linear, conventional rack and drive in rack loading and unloading, allowing more advanced functions like stacking and unstacking.

The counterbalanced AGV by ASTI Mobile Robotics is very compact. Emphasising its sturdiness, it is the most agile, given its minimum dimensions for machines with these features and its reduced turning radius and high angle velocity which gives it excellent manoeuvrability. In addition, it is fast, reaching 2 m/s with cargo. The new ASTI mobile robot allows greater lift heights than what currently exists to date with autonomous vehicles, entries into narrow aisles, stations that enable access to its lower portion and support facilities for standardised loads.

Its precision is optimal with its navigation laser that automatically recognises reflective labels or components of its surroundings, measuring their distance. This, likewise, enables great flexibility in modifying the established layouts remotely. It is equipped with a rack-based synchronous fork positioner that makes it possible to transport loads of various dimensions, adjusting their opening.

The counterbalanced AGV by ASTI Mobile Robotics is totally safe: 360º protection. The Personal Vehicle Safety System features 3 lasers (two in front on the ends and one in the back in the central portion) arranged in such a manner that enables full coverage of the vehicle’s perimeter. Optionally, it can be equipped with an anti-crash laser whose purpose is to record objects below and above the detection level of the personal protection sensors thus preventing potential collisions with objects.

The new ASTI mobile robot is designed for automated 24/7 work, with high energy efficiency. The 48V battery can be lead-acid or lithium. With manual battery exchange and/or online charging, respectively.  A smart charging strategy that provides the greatest possible efficiency. During downtimes, the AGV automatically moves to one of the system’s battery charging stations.

The new ASTI counterbalanced AGV has been designed with the user in mind who can see the machine’s most important KPIs through a 7” colour touchscreen and, in this way, actively intervenes in work processes. Likewise, the forks can be optionally equipped with an LED light system, visible from a distance that provides information about the status of the AGV and the actions that it is performing.


The combination of factors like agility, versatility, equipment, precision, speed, more advanced sensors and a complete range of operations, makes it possible for the new ASTI counterbalanced AGV to satisfy the widest range of market applications. In addition, its updated implementation software allows it to be put into operation in very short periods of time, even in large work areas with thousands of loading and unloading points at different heights.

Designed not only with the user in mind, but maintenance personnel as well, the AGV enables easy access to its various components which facilitates preventive activities, reducing preventive and corrective intervention times and, therefore, increasing the vehicle’s availability. In accordance with its new line of AGVs that enhances the technique even further, it is easily customisable based on customer needs, capable of integrating barcode readers, RFID readers, loading rammers and in general, any feature that the customer application requires.

With this new autonomous vehicle, ASTI Mobile Robotics goes a step further and is enhancing its range of solutions which is already the most extensive in the market. Mobile robotics engineering continues to develop products, seeking to provide efficiency and flexibility to its customers, and soon plans to expand the range.