If you allow me to, I am going to tell you about a trip that changed my way of viewing and working at Asti. Will you join me? Three and a half years ago, I joined Asti as an intern, accompanied by the fear of performing as the company expected me to, in order to fit in with the team. During this whole time, you get used to the company’s work routine without realising it, you adapt to the changes to the best of your ability and you continue on your journey, without stopping to reflect on where you began and how far you have come, as if it were your own company and the end result of the changes made.

The beginning of my trip.

It all began on a Friday like any other. We were visited by Kieran, a renowned photographer who was doing a report on Verónica Pascual and ASTI for the magazine Endeavor, a global network of entrepreneurs. The central theme was the creation of quality employment roles for the companies that are in its network. Kieran mentioned to Verónica that he wanted to get to know several individuals in the company with different profiles and learn first-hand about their work. One of those individuals was myself, for about 20 minutes we had a friendly conversation about the work I was doing at ASTI, and what kinds of difficulties I had encountered. I told him the same story familiar to the individuals that work with me on a daily basis, which I did not place greater emphasis on.

On November 23, I received a call from Verónica. To my surprise, it had nothing to do with any project or customer, rather she wanted to speak to me about this interview. The first-rate founder and CEO of Endeavor had read my story with interest and wanted to tell it as an example of the creation of a quality employment role, on November 29 in New York. But the most surprising thing was that I was invited to attend the gala. So you can imagine my reaction.

With Verónica Pascual

We learn from the big players.

The week flew by and my trip for New York began. We had a tour planned where we would visit cutting edge companies in the mobility sector. In the morning, we met with the director of Lyft and found out how it is competing in the market with Uber with a more light-hearted focus, we listened to the story about the founder of Motívate and we chatted with Waymo’s director of development, as well as with other entrepreneurs with brilliant careers and cutting edge companies in terms of technological innovation. From these conversations, I learned that companies evolve very rapidly and therefore we either move forward with the market or we remain out of the picture.

After a morning packed with a lot of information, the mealtime arrived, during which we had a lively conversation about the company’s talent. The company that shared the most information and relevant ideas was ASTI (the ASTI Foundation programmes are the most cutting edge in terms of the development of talent). We also had an interesting conversation with Samuel Schwartz about the future of the autonomous car. The day was far from being over, we still had the gala.

A different vision of Asti.

Regarding the gala, what can I tell you, it was an impressive evening. Many of you would have already seen the video presented about ASTI. During this trip, and in particular at the gala, I learned many positive lessons that I would like to share with you.

The first of these is the vision that is perceived about ASTI abroad. We are spoken of as an example to follow, as a leading company in areas of innovation and technology. ASTI is in a different league, understanding this causes me to ask myself: Does the he design of my vehicles possess the quality that is expected from a company like ours?

This trip has also helped me to appreciate the privilege we have of working at a company like ASTI. From seeing our creations (AGVS) go from a design on our screens to their operation at the facilities in a “short period of time”. As well as being able to work doing what we enjoy and continuing to learn on a daily basis. Technology does not stop, so either we catch a ride with the bird and we travel at its speed or we stay on the ground.

What gives ASTI a different vision in the world are the individuals that make the creation of AGVS possible. This makes me appreciate the work of my colleagues much more and I ask myself: Am I placing value on teamwork? How could I make the work of my colleagues easier? The best protocol is the one that brings people together and places value on their work.