How do you survive the massive incorporation of digital technologies? Which ones are determining factors during these first years of transformation? On what enablers is the new era based? Advances are continuous and exponential. Dizzying. We live in exciting times in which many technological tools are becoming more common and accessible.

Artificial intelligence does not stop evolving and the battle to conquer the next step is a constant. Virtual reality and the growing capacity of simulation make the early involvement of customers possible by facilitating change management projects right from the start. Little by little, we are seeing how the internet (IoT) is permeating more home devices, not only mobile phones, computers and tablets, but also televisions, washing machines and other appliances that need to be connected to the network to enhance their capabilities.

Robotics is another sector that is evolving rapidly and in which significant improvement is still expected. Supported by intelligent software, agility and speed in transactions is being sought. Regarding automated guided vehicles (AGVs) – mobile robotics -, the growing capacity of computing and the artificial intelligence algorithm and machine learning make it possible to develop vehicles that are increasingly more intelligent, more flexible and adaptive to the environment’s changing conditions. Likewise, these same technologies make it possible to manage vehicle fleets in a much more adaptive and coordinated manner. At the same time, the vehicles are connected products that generate data relevant to the process, in addition to being equipped with sensors that provide additional information, favouring analysis and learning models. This, in an era where data are gold or oil from earlier times.

This is the case for many other technologies that are being developed and implemented in our day and age. The major changes that are the result of blockchain, the much more massive incorporation of aerial mobile robotics (drones) as part of the system, wearable technology that makes it possible to favour connectivity of people as additional agents with input models that are distinctive from the system are some of them.

They are changing, evolving and transforming. Progress is rapid and continuous. At the present time, there is no technology that offers a clear advantage. But there is no stopping this train.