Inside ASTI

Inside ASTI

ASTI (Automatismos y Sistemas de Transporte Interno) is an international engineering firm that builds made-to-measure automated intralogistics optimisation solutions.

ASTI forms part of ASTI Technologies Group (ATG), created to deliver technology-based solutions that optimise enterprise productivity.

Ever since we started providing automated intralogistics solutions in 1982 our purpose has been crystal-clear:to increase our clients’ competitiveness.

Our solutions range from traditional materials-handling equipment like conveyors and handlers through to latest-generation systems like automated guided vehicles (AGVs), all designed to maximise intralogistics flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

The elements that make up our solutions are all managed by SIGAT, our 100%-proprietary module-based system automation software.


  • Foundation 1982
    ASTI is founded in Burgos by Ángel Pascual and Colette Boé.
  • Company of the year 2000
    Eighteen years since it began developing automated materials-handling solutions, ASTI is named Company of the Year by FEMEBUR (Federation of Metal Trades of Burgos).
  • New Facilities 2002
    New 5,000-m2 facilities are opened in Madrigalejo del Monte.
  • Generational succession 2003
    Generational succession:Verónica Pascual Boé takes over as head of the company.
  • Expansion of Strategic Plan 2008-2011
    Implementation begins of the 2008–2011 Strategic Plan focusing on Internationalisation and Research and Development. External advisory board created.
  • Buenos Aires Sales Office 2008
    First international sales office is opened in Buenos Aires to serve Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. ASTI wins the EXECyL Innovative Product award the same year. Implementation begins of the 2008–2011 Strategic Plan focusing onInternationalisation and Research and Development. External advisory board created.
  • Logistics Excellence 2009
    ASTI wins the Fundación ICIL award for Logistics Excellence.
  • Awards 2010
    ASTI wins the Social Responsibility trophy awarded by the Burgos Chamber of Commerce. ASTI wins the Judges’ Prize in the Club de la Logística's Executive of the Year awards.
  • Innovative Product 2011
    ASTI’s EasyBots win the Innovative Product award presented by the FAE (Confederation of Business Associations). For the first time, international sales account for over 50% of annual revenue.
  • 2012–2016 Strategic Plan 2012
    Implementation begins of the 2012–2016 Strategic Plan focusing oninternational development and consolidation, operational development and sustainable R&D investment. ASTI wins the Best Young Company award presented by magazine Castilla y León Económica.
  • Female Entrepreneur award 2013
    Verónica Pascual Boé wins the Female Entrepreneur award presented by Castilla y León Emprende.
  • National Young Entrepreneur 2014
    Verónica Pascual Boé wins the National Young Entrepreneur — Generational Succession award presented by the CEAJE (Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs’ Associations).
  • International Growth 2015
    Two new sales offices are opened (Madrid and Barcelona). First project undertaken in China. First project undertaken in Germany. Series production of EasyBot AGVs starts at the new Autonomous Production Unit. ASTI raises competitiveness for clients in 16 countries and 15 industries. Implementation begins of the 2017–2020 Strategic Plan. Grupo ASTI created following incorporation of ASTI Technologies Group – ATG (Holding) and ASTI Technologies Distribution – ATD.ATG owns 100% of ASTI and ATD. Additional investment made in other technology firms.
  • Growth 2016
    Grupo ASTI’s workforce grows to over 100 employees. New ATD branch opened in France.
  • ASTI’s first European subsidiary 2017
    Creation of ASTI’s first European subsidiary: ASTI France Mobile Robotics Change of Grupo ASTI corporate image


Asti en el mundo

ASTI's team spanning 6 nationalities currently serves companies in 15 countries throughout Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

ASTI works hand-in-hand with an extensive partner network to deliver its made-to-measure solutions.

That network gives end customers a local point of contact and provides maintenance and sales support.


At ASTI, R&D and Innovation are the cornerstones of our business.Year after year, we invest heavily in research and development to make sure our intralogistics automation solutions remain at technology’s cutting edge.

In 2010, we created an exclusive research department to centralise our R&D and Innovation efforts as part of our commitment to excellence and to continual improvement of our client-oriented products and services.We complement that work with partnerships with research centres, universities and organisations such as Fraunhofer institute from Germany, CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) and the ADE (Economic Development Agency).

That research has spawned award-winning developments like our revolutionary AGV dual guidance systems and EasyBots.


To be a global benchmark for AGV-based automated intralogistics solutions.


To increase our clients’ competitiveness and flexibility whilst reducing their time to market.


Values: ASTI is a team of dynamic, innovative, customer-oriented professionals working in an environment in which respect and humility are paramount.

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At ASTI, we’re aware of the impact our solutions have on our clients’ production processesand know how much they rely on our systems, which is why outstanding quality is non-negotiable.We use the best raw materials and the most exacting production processes — endorsed by ISO 9001:2015 quality certification — to obtain robust solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs.That focus on quality in everything we do is part of ASTI’s DNA.The fact that our portfolio consists of over 90% return clients proves that our approach to quality is the right one.
The fact that return clients account for over 90% of our sales endorses our commitment to quality and continual improvement.

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ASTI is committed to society.At ASTI, we’re constantly on the look-out for new initiatives that encourage young people's interest in technology. One example of this is our sponsorship of events like the Lego League (, which introduces young people to robotics.
We collaborate with a wide range of educational institutions, providing students with the best possible environment in which to develop careers in industrial automation and logistics. the ENVIRONMENT

At ASTI, we’re surrounded by nature,and we want future generations to share that privilege.Our production methods are environmentally friendly and we encourage recycling and responsible resource use among our team members.